Student’s life and comments – Video clips

Adaptation system

Yulia Marishkina, a specialist of the Department of International Relations and a Ph.D student of MPEI used the experience which she had gained during her study at the Czech Technical University in Prague for organizing adaptation programme of the foreign students in MPEI, who are coming according to academic mobility programmes. Having cherished fondest memories of the study period spent in Prague, Yulia initiated the creation of "Buddy" adaptation system for foreign students in MPEI and continues to develop it with the support of Department of International Relations.

The foundation of implementation was laid on arrival of students from Poland and Slovakia at MPEI for studying within the framework of Erasmus+ programme. Yulia Marishkina shares her opinion: "We organize get-togethers every week, for example, we go to the theatre; from time to time, we arrange "international dinner", we prepare pancakes as per the Russian tradition. It is very important to develop similar experience of help to foreign students at our university. I wish that the students, who are coming to study at MPEI, knew that assistance will be provided to them. As a matter of fact, generally, foreign students desire not only to complete the study course in MPEI, but also to get acquainted with the culture and history of Russia".


Anna Jankowska and Yulia Marishkina

Anna Jankowska, a student of Politechnika Wrocławska (Poland), who studied in MPEI according to the Erasmus+ Programme, has shared her impressions: "Russia has always been interesting for me, from the point of view of its culture, society organization history. Therefore, choosing the place to study abroad, I came to this country. Actually for us in Poland, Russia is familiar not a whole lot, actually everything is based only on the information from mass media. I wanted to see myself how everything is in reality. Actually, now I understand that our countries are similar, and having lived here 2 months I feel practically as if it’s my home country.

I studied in the field of Automation and Robotics in Poland. My study programme in MPEI was initially planned in English language. However I wanted to study with Russian students, and on arrival I changed my schedule having chosen the majority of course disciplines in Russian language to study in a group together with Russian students. The study structure it self is the same as it is in Poland: the same practical classes, laboratory works and lectures, the only significant difference – we don’t have a class register and nobody monitors the attendance in lectures.

Communication with foreigners is also useful for the Russian students in MPEI. It gives some experience of international contacts, acquaints with different culture and expands the practice of a foreign language. I lived in Russia in a dormitory with Russian girls. They helped me with my Russian language and I helped them with English language. In general many people want to practise English in Russia and we often gather together in the hostel to drink tea and talk and it is pleasant for the Russian students and for me.

I like Russia very much, it is a pleasure to study in MPEI. If I have an opportunity to attend Master’s degree programme abroad, I will return to MPEI".

19.01.2018 12:43