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As an organization department of the University, IEE was created in 1998 on the basis of two oldest MPEI departments rich in tradition - Electromechanical department and Electrical Equipment and Automation of Industry and Transport department. At IEE there are bachelors and masters trained in two fields of study: "Electrical Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering" and "Electronics and Nanoelectronics", and Candidates of Sciences and Doctors of Science with 6 scientific specializations. At IEE there are such Research and Educational Centers as "Schneider Electric - MPEI" Russian-French Research and Educational Center; 3 training and counselling centers, created jointly with "Texas Instruments", "Siemens" and "ABB" companies; "IR-MPEI" Training and Research Center for Power and Information Electronics; 3 accreditation centers. In IEE organization departments research and development are carried out in the fields of electromechanics and electrical apparatus, electrotechnical materials and electricals, electrical complexes and systems, innovative electrical technologies, semiconductor physics, technotronic security in power engineering and electrical engineering.

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