IEPE actively performs the scientific investigations in the following directions:

  • Investigation of the equations with partial derivatives;
  • Branching processes in the random mediums;
  • Electrical power plant’s control in normal regime and in malfunction;
  • Regimes of the main electrical equipment of electrical power plant;
  • Investigation of high-voltage electrical discharges;
  • Lightning protection of the power engineering objects;
  • Electromagnetic compatibility of electrical power engineering systems;
  • Microprocessor systems for relay protection, control and monitoring of power objects;
  • Combined methods of determination of damage location in transmission lines;
  • Substantiation the parameters of the energy installations and complexes on the basis of the non-traditional energy sources;
  • Ecology aspects of non-traditional energy sources usage;
  • Optimal control on hydropower plants cascades;
  • Development of scientific basis and fulfillment the researches on creation of the trans-continent transmission lines, system-forming and distribution networks including air and cable lines, flexible systems for AC transmission, electrical transmissions and DC inserts;
  • Development and creation of the complex of methods, actions and means to ensure of effectiveness, reliability and stability of functioning of electrical power systems;
  • Development of intersystem electrical transmissions with increased carrying capacity on the basis of the compact performance lines with decreased ecology influence;
  • Development of relay protection and automation systems for ensuring the reliability of electric supply of the electrical energy consumers;
  • Automation of new and functioning sub-stations of high voltage on the basis of the new standards;
  • Homologous and structural theory of rings and arithmetic properties of the analytical function meanings.
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